Master Defense Presentation @ University of Tsukuba

I have finished my master thesis defense at Graduate School of SIE, University of Tsukuba.

For the defense, participants must contain the whole research project during that degree term.

Since I have conducted several project in this two years, the 20 minutes presentation time was too short!

I needed to summarize below projects in one presentation:

  • The psychophysical and online EEG experiment of the fbBCI (full-body spacial vibrotactile BCI) paradigm
  • The classification accuracy improvement of the fbBCI EEG experiment under off-line condition
  • Convolutional Neural Network application for the analysis of somatosensory evoked potentials acquired in the fbBCI paradigm Note that each of them could be described in 20 minutes presentations!

So I tried to concise essential informations of each project as much as possible, which allowed me to end up the presentation on time.

Consequently I have almost done my work at the master’s term, but still I have a big thing to do … going to USA again to present my new research project ;)