Research Presentation at "BioSMART Conference 2016" @ UAE

I’ve been to UAE for attending IEEE BioSMART Conference 2016 from 3 to 9 on December.

My first visiting to Dubai was in winter, though its maximum temperature was around 30 degrees Celsius. The concept of the conference was Biomedical x Technology x SMART. Actually there were numerous biomedical conference in the world, but this conference specialized in the smart technology. The BCI has considered as one of the new category.

The research topic I delivered in the presentation was “Full–body Tactile P300–based Brain–computer Interface Accuracy Refinement”. We applied several signal processing settings (decimation factors and epoch averagings) and several machine learning algorithms (LDA, linear SVM and non-linear SVM) to our BCI settings, then compared the classification accuracies using the fbBCI datasets.

At the conference, attendees from all over the world were not only researchers, but also a company employees. So all we exchanged the “SMART” discussions in terms of both academic and business side. We as well had the great feedbacks after the presentations.

I had been nominated as a candidate of the student BEST paper award: BioSMART BEST paper award candidates. Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t able to get an award, but it was surely my great experience through the graduate student life.

Full–body Tactile P300–based Brain–computer Interface Accuracy Refinement from Takumi Kodama