Master Defense Presentation @ University of Tsukuba

I have finished my master thesis defense at Graduate School of SIE, University of Tsukuba.

For the defense, participants must contain the whole research project during that degree term.

Since I have conducted several project in this two years, the 20 minutes presentation time was too short!

I needed to summarize below projects in one presentation:

  • The psychophysical and online EEG experiment of the fbBCI (full-body spacial vibrotactile BCI) paradigm
  • The classification accuracy improvement of the fbBCI EEG experiment under off-line condition
  • Convolutional Neural Network application for the analysis of somatosensory evoked potentials acquired in the fbBCI paradigm Note that each of them could be described in 20 minutes presentations!

So I tried to concise essential informations of each project as much as possible, which allowed me to end up the presentation on time.

Consequently I have almost done my work at the master’s term, but still I have a big thing to do … going to USA again to present my new research project ;)

Short Presentation at "OPEN PAAK DAY 6" @ Shibuya, Tokyo

I gave a short research presentation at OPEN PAAK DAY #6 of TECH LAB PAAK in Shibuya.

The private organization is actually run by Japanese company Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. in order to grow the startup company in Japan. I’ve participated a support program as the project member for this six months.

This event was the end-up presentation day of the six months program. I wasn’t an entrepreneur but a researcher, though, many other participants were interested in our research project.

I hope this experience would be fruitful in the future carrier ;)

Research Presentation at "APSIPA ASC 2016" @ South Korea

My first time visiting for South Korea was to attend Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association, 2016 Annual Summit and Conference (APSIPA ASC 2016).

The Jeju island where the conference was taken place is located just adjacent to Kyusyu district in our country Japan. I was actually excited to visit the beautiful island famous for the sightseeings.

I gave my research presentation at the “Recent topics in neural signal processing and brain-machine/computer interfaces session”. My presentation title was “Tactile Brain-Computer Interface Using Classification of P300 Responses Evoked by Full Body Spatial Vibrotactile Stimuli”. That was the summary of my research project building the full-body vibrotactile P300-based interface.

Since the session was specialized in BCI, I got a lot of specific feedbacks regarding the experiment setups as well as the classification results. I also met Prof. Higashi and Prof. Tanaka who were previous colleague of my supervisor Prof. Rutkowski for the first time and exchanged the hopeful discussions for the future researches.

Tactile Brain-Computer Interface Using Classification of P300 Responses Evoked by Full Body Spatial Vibrotactile Stimuli from Takumi Kodama

I also would like to thank HARA research foundation which funded me to participate such a brilliant conference. I have to appreciate all the supports allowing me to continue my research project m(__)m